The Youth Cinema Project (YCP) is project based learning that produces competent, resilient, and real world problem-solvers and bridges the achievement and opportunity gaps by creating lifelong learners and the entertainment industry’s multicultural future.

Our Narrative

1 Filmmaking is the ultimate expression of project based learning

focusing on communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

2 Our program creates social emotional empowerment

emphasizing leadership, self-advocacy, and finding one’s voice.

3 Our work develops grit - passion, drive, and resiliency

to help students succeed in life.

Our Beliefs

There is no limit on intellectual capacity and talent when opportunity is provided.

Student choice creates a necessary student voice and ultimately a new and necessary presence in the entertainment industry.

A student-led, democratic development process, which facilitates deep learning.

Individual and team reflection is critical to student learning, growth, and successful film productions.

The student is the project, and the “film” is the medium.

Contact Us and Get Involved

Latino Film Institute Youth Cinema Project is always looking for passionate filmmakers to get involved, funding to support the growth of our program, and industry partnerships to enhance student impact.